Swetha, the Mohiniyattam Dancer.

Swetha Mangalath epitomizes dedication and passion in the realm of Classical Indian dance, specializing in Mohiniyattam. She stands as one of the primary disciples of the renowned Mohiniyattam exponent, the late Prof. Kalamandalam Leelamma, an esteemed figure acknowledged with the Kendra Sangeet Nataka Academy Award. Under the guidance of her revered teacher, she delved deep into the nuances of Mohiniyattam. Continuing her journey, Swetha refines her artistry under the tutelage of Senior Guru Dr. Kalamandalam Sugandhi Prabhu. Additionally, she received specialized training in Netra and Hasta Abhinaya, as well as the Desi tradition of Mohiniyattam from Guru Nirmala Paniker.

Swetha’s performances, both as a soloist and alongside her Gurus, have graced prestigious venues, showcasing her artistry and dedication. In her mission to preserve and disseminate the unique art form, she conducts exclusive workshops and Lecture Demonstrations, shedding light on various aspects of Mohiniyattam.

Educationally, Swetha holds a postgraduate degree in Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam) from Bharatidasan University, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. She furthered her academic pursuits, earning a doctorate in Media and Performance Studies from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. Her doctoral thesis, titled ‘Aesthetics and Communication: A Study Based on Mohiniyattam Broadcast on Television,’ reflects her scholarly dedication.

Recognized as a Graded Artiste of Doordarshan Kendra, Government of India, Swetha has performed in national media, contributing significantly to the promotion of Mohiniyattam on a broader scale. With a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, Swetha Mangalath continues to enrich the world of Mohiniyattam in the UK with her artistry, knowledge, and passion.


Swetha has performed in various prestigious venues;
Nalanda Nrityolsava, Mumbai, Kalakuteera Festival Mysore, Ujjaini Festival, Spic Macay tour in Rajasthan State (accompanied and co-performer with Guru), Kerala Tourism Festival, Gowri Festival Palakkad, Arts Festival organized by Gusetted Officers Union, Govt. Of Kerala, Parliamentarian Meet organized by Govt. Of India, Bharatolsavam organized by Bharatam cultural Soceity Thrissur, Monsoon Festival organized by Navaneetam Trust, Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy Mohiniyattam Festival etc. to name a few.

Innovative choreographies taken part in

  • Panayattam Christian traditional performance piece based on the literary work- Puthen Pana by St. Ernest
  • Special choreographies based on Malayalam Poetries
  • Sense Beyond – an innovative production incorporating all classical dance forms of India- represented Mohiniyattam.
  • Mohiniyatta Seva– based on the Sopanam Style- designed by scholar writer and poet Kavalam Narayana Paniker


Yudhanantharam– a solo production portraying Lord Krishna after the Mahabharata Yudha- an innovative effort to bring Krishna the hero as the central character different from the usual heroine focused narratives in Mohiniyattam.
Vaishnavageetham– a group production based on the ideologies of MahathmaGandhi- portraying eleven saints from Indian History. The music was an adaptation of the popular Gujarati Bhajan Vaishnava Janato- translated to Malayalam by Dr.  K Thomas
Kurooramma– an abhinaya piece based on the historic character from the Bhati period of Kerala- Kurorramma- A Krishna devotee. This piece was an effort by Swetha to bring the history of her native village by depicting the character Kuroorama who lived in the same village.

Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations

  • Introductory Workshop on Mohiniyattam- Sanskriti, Cambridge, UK
  • Foundation on Mohiniyattam – Basic Level Workshop- Sourabha Sangeeta Nritya Kala Parishath, Mangalore
  • ‘Dance as a Communication’ Special lecture Demonstration for Student’s Camp- ATMA Foundation, Thrissur
  • Nritta Techniques- Fine Arts Association, Besant Women’s College, Mangalore
  • Introductory talk on Communication aspects of Natyasatra- St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakkuda, Kerala.